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Simple. Seamless. Secure.

About Us

Our team consists of finance and technology experts with decades of experience in international banking


We are a diverse and enthusiastic team that value integrity and honesty while working constantly to encourage open communication both within our team and with our customers.


We positively impact the lives of our customers by anticipating their needs and providing the highest standard of payment services.


We are proudly made in Canada - Our solutions are powered and operated by Ascendant FX. 

More About Ascendant-FX
We Empower You to Succeed in the Global Economy.

Here’s why clients choose to work with us:

Simple Workflow
We take all the complexity out of managing payments so you can do business at the touch of a button.
Our process uses bank-level security. We work with licensed and established financial institutions to keep your business safe.
Whether you send, receive, or exchange funds, you can save up to 80% on transfer and exchange costs - no start up fees or hidden charges.


Lean Payments created a streamlined and scalable financial system to make your life easier and your business more successful.


Our Story

The payments industry caters primarily to big businesses, which is why we started Lean Payments for SMEs. Our goal is to support your business with payments to help you succeed in the global economy - a simple, seamless and secure solution for cross-border payments. 


Our Vision

Having worked in the international payments industry, we witnessed the inefficiencies of the traditional systems. These methods restrict your financial freedom, take a large cut of your exchange, and charge high transfer fees.


We strive to help your business succeed by giving you the power to control and streamline cash flows. This is accomplished by breaking down the two most common financial barriers: cross-border payments and currency exchange.


How We Add Value
Innovative and Secure

At Lean Payments, we integrate bank security into a platform uniquely designed to help SMEs succeed. 


Moving Money Safely. Lean Payments integrates with internationally licensed and regulated financial institutions to make payments globally with access to over 140 different foreign exchange currencies.

Careful ComplianceAll transactions are reported back to the national Financial Intelligence Agency of Canada, FINTRAC.

Streamlined ValidationOur process is developed such that it won’t compromise data security. A digital KYC is carried out to safely integrate with any bank account in Canada.

Learn more about our security and how we keep your information safe.

Read Our Security Procedures