How Do We Do It?

Simple Direct Deposit

Make it easier for your U.S. customers to pay you via direct deposit options.

No Hidden Fees

Guaranteed to cut the cost of cross-border transfers by 50%


Stop waiting for the check to arrive, we'll give you a virtual account.


Have complete visibility and security with real-time notifications and cost & saving breakdowns.


Cost Saving


Times Faster





Stop Waiting For The Check To Arrive!

Regular wire transfers take 5 -10 business days to be cleared through the current network. This is slow, inefficient and costly. For a small business, this could negatively affect the timing of your other payments.

Make Your Customers Happy

We understand the importance of fast payments to small business, we offer a 1-2 business day delivery time.

You're Paying Too Much

We want to make sure you save as much of your money as possible, so you can increase your business’s cash-flow.

Cut your costs

We guarantee to cut the cost of cross-border Wire fees by up to 50%!.

No hidden fees... Seriously!

Traditional international wire transfers are chock full of hidden and variable fees such as service fees, foreign exchange markups and receiving fees. By partnering with certified and trusted money movers we can keep our costs to you low which saves your business those painful and unnecessary overhead costs.

Get Paid Smarter

We designed Lean Payments for Small business owners who already have a lot of work on their shoulders.

Easy to use, no hassle

We offer a seamless experience without the extra work. Eliminate the hassle and manual paperwork that comes with international wire transfers.

Set up your profile for free

Lean Payments makes receiving money a breeze. All you have to do is create a Lean Payments profile, upload your documents, wait for security approval (about 2 business days) and give your account information to your international customers. And voila! You are ready to transact business friction-free.

We’ve Got Your Back

Our Lean Payments process is secure and fully certified providing you with complete transparency around international payments. We’re an open book when it comes to international fees and savings and our workflows keep you up to date on the current status of transactions.

Be Aware of Your Transactions

You could be losing up to 10% of what you receive overseas with traditional methods. Lean payments, through its network of partners, shows you exactly how much you’ll be saving and keeps you notified about the status of your transactions.

Keep Track of Your Money

Better information helps you better manage cash flow and do better financial planning for your business. Take control of your international receivables now!.

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Influnce the solution that best suits your need — 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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