How We Create Value

Redefining Money Movement

Cutting Out The Middlemen

Grow your business without growing your expenses or overhead.  We put our industry experience to work and created a system for money movement that cuts out inefficiencies to help you excel in the global economy. Here’s how we create value for SMEs that operate internationally


Challenging The Status Quo

When you look up the market exchange rate and a given bank exchange rate, you get two different numbers. This is not something banks openly disclose and businesses are often surprised that the market exchange rate is actually lower than the rate they receive. What this means is SMEs pay an additional 2-5% of their exchange value whenever they use the bank.


Additionally, moving money across borders can be a complicated process in itself, since traditional options are limited. Wiring money is a popular way to send money internationally, however, it was developed in the 70s and uses a chain of corresponding banks to move your money bank-to-bank, across the globe until it reaches your target destination. Every link in this bank chain represents additional expenses - it increases in time, effort, and cost (that’s where your swift fee goes!). This method is essentially a barrier to SMEs - doing business internationally can add up.

Putting SMEs First  

SMEs need leaner methods of transferring or exchanging money, to simplify accounting and keep more money in your pockets. That’s where Lean Payments can help. 


Pay Next To Nothing On Exchanges

When it comes to exchanging rates, Lean Payments is your connection to wholesale exchange rates. We connect you to the same infrastructure that a bank does - without the fluff. So, instead of paying 3-5% extra on exchange and transactions, SMEs could pay next to nothing. 


Same Payment Rails, Faster Delivery

By using a cloud-based solution, not only do you save on the markup but you can make international transfers for free. When transferring abroad - you pay in one country, and your payment is directly deposited abroad from an international reserve, hosted by a licensed and regulated financial institution. No tellers, no marble countertops, no paper. With no need to send swift wires through a chain of global banks, your money is deposited globally at no additional cost and within one business day. What’s better than improved service for less?

Lean Payments is here to champion SMEs’ success and offer them all the resources they need to succeed globally. We love to learn from SMEs, especially when it comes to the ways we can help.

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