Foreign Exchange For Business

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Lower Your Cost By 80%

Boost your foreign exchange returns with our 5x lower rates


Save: Retain up to 80% of your exchange cost and fuel your growth


Simple: Your exchanged funds are deposited directly into your bank account


Secure: We interact with your financial institution through strict adherence to bank-grade security standards and regulatory rules.

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More Convenience, More Savings 


Here’s what you get as a small business owner:


Competitive Foreign Exchange Rates

Take home up to 2% more of your exchange value compared to banks. We offer competitive rates, disclosed to you before initiating an exchange, that keeps more value in your bank accounts


Convenient, Online Foreign Exchange Portal

Make your exchanges anywhere - anytime. With our online exchange service, enjoy the freedom and convenience of being able to make an exchange request from any online device


Limitless Foreign Exchange Requests

Exchange as little or as much as you like with no maximum or minimum transaction limits. You can exchange any amount your business needs to with no restriction on value or volume

Real-Time Quotes

See the conversion breakdown of your exchange including our fees before you approve your order. You’ll see the exact amount you will pay beforehand to make sure you are getting a deal that makes sense for you


Fast Foreign Exchange Turnaround

Don’t stress about long turnarounds or exchange delays. Your converted funds are deposited to your bank account within one business day


One-Time Sign Up

Link your accounts once and enjoy the freedom of limitless, convenient exchanges. Once you create a profile, you will never have to enter this information again to make a Foreign Exchange order


Bank-Grade Security

Choose security you already trust. Your money never leaves the banking ecosystem, so you won’t compromise any sense of security as you flip between currencies

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How Lean Payments Works


Sign Up

Verify business and banking details (just as you would at the bank!), then simply await user confirmation.


Submit An Exchange Request

Generate a real-time quote and place an exchange request via website or Customer Support.


Receive Direct Deposit

Within one business day, you will be notified with confirmation of fund conversion.

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► Is Lean Payments Safe? You Bet! Our solution is formed on a network of trusted, secure providers to become one of the first platforms to offer such an integrated, value-driven ecosystem for Canadian SMEs. Learn more about Lean Payments


► Lean Payments wants to keep more money in your business’ bank accounts and your mind on more important tasks rather than on your foreign currency exchange


► Lean Payments wants to meet your business needs seamlessly Get in touch with us today for tailored FX solutions that empower your business to succeed in the global economy.

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