How It Works To

Get Paid With Local Deposits

From the US, UK, and Europe

Get Paid Faster, Simpler, and Leaner


1. Sign Up Online

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To comply with the Canadian Financial Regualtions, we are required to verify your:

► Personal Identity

► Business Legal Status

► Banking Details


To expedite the process, we have implemented a simple, and paperless process that takes less than ten minutes to complete.

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2. Get Your Virtual Bank Account

WIth Lean Payments, you'll have access to virtual bank accounts in the USA, UK and/or Europe, each with its own unique account number.


This Means You Can:

Invoice Your Customers and include your new virtual account details 

 Make it Easier For Your Customers to pay you in their preferred local currency just as if they were paying their local vendors (no more Wire Transfers, SWIFT or Paper Cheques!). 

► Get Paid Faster with local transfer/direct deposit

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3. Access Your Funds

When a payment is received into your Lean Payments Virtual Bank Account, use Lean Payments to:


► Transfer funds to your foreign bank account in Canada

► Exchange into Canadian dollars at a highly competitive rate

► Pay partners/vendors/suppliers with businesses in US/UK/Europe or globally


Our goal is to make small business payments simple, secure, and seamless!

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